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because even the best week of your life starts with Monday

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"Monday", where your co-working place feels like home.

This cozy work space is designed to be a collaborative place where people can work together in a comfortable, welcoming and fun environment. The word “Monday” always connects us with work, and usually becomes the day that people ‘hate’ because it means the weekend and all the fun are over and the working days start.

What We Offer

Located in the heart of Uluwatu Bali, we’re easily accessible and surrounded by great amenities

Network with like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives. Collaborate and grow together.

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Meeting Room

Rooms for meetings and presentations.

Flexible Membership

Choose from daily, weekly, monthly, or annual plans. Work on your terms.

Cafe & Lounge

Relax in our stylish café and lounge area with complimentary refreshments.

Workspace's vibes

Photo Studio Meeting Room Podcast Space

We Think One of Our Room Will Fit Your Needs
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